If you are like a lot of Americans than you spend most of your days working whether it is in front of a computer or something else. When all you do is work, you may not have time for exercise resulting in poor health and an increased waistline. According to an article, regardless of what type of hours or conditions you are working in, your diet plays a big role in whether or not you remain healthy. Instead of heading out for lunch or grabbing something from the fast food lane on your way home you should take a couple of minutes to prepare yourself something healthier to eat. Another thing you should try to do is to avoid those liquid calories that are found in such drinks as energy drinks. If you need to drink something liquid, then opt for a smoothie. Finally, another article discusses that, although you may have insane hours, there is still steps you can take to ensure that you remain healthy and don’t increase your waistline. These steps include: walking, muscle strengthening, watching what you eat, and getting enough sleep,

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