What is the great thing about an Indian restaurant? The wonderful flavor of every dish and the use spices that cause such mesmerizing taste. In addition, one could enjoy the difference in color and taste for every dish making Indian cuisine very special. All of these wonderful characteristics come to the dishes found at a Brampton Indian restaurant because of the presence of spices. These spices are not just added for their attractive nature and taste, but also for their wonderful health benefits. So, let’s learn about some of the commonly used spices in Indian cuisine.


Turmeric is known to possess some wonderful healing abilities. It is used in preparation of various medicines in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, generic medicine, etc. The chemical compound known as “curcumin” present in turmeric helps to prevent inflammation and has antioxidant properties. The two characteristics help to avoid diseases that are infectious. Checkout our menu to know more about the dishes made with the use of turmeric.


The aroma of garlic when mixed with other spices is just incredible. It gives an authentic taste to any dish found at an Indian restaurant in Brampton. Further, it is said to decrease cardiovascular diseases, prevention of aging and balance blood pressure. As a result, Indian dishes like curries, breads, fries, etc. contain garlic as an inevitable ingredient. Almost every preserving pickle contains garlic and there are specified dishes that have garlic as the main ingredient.


A combination of ginger and garlic paste is used very often in Indian dishes. It is the best natural spice to take care of digestive problems and motion sickness. As a result, traditional Indian foods are never complete without the use of ginger. The three spices namely turmeric, ginger and garlic are essential and their combination is said to prevent a lot of diseases. Hence, every chef of a Brampton Indian restaurant prefers using them in various dishes even in minute quantities. No one can complain their presence as they give wonderful aroma and taste to the dish.

Grounded pepper

What to do if there isn’t enough spice in a dish? Well, add some finely grounded pepper powder and enjoy the exotic taste. Pepper has vitamins and carotenoids that help in cell development as well as protection of eyes from various harmful rays. Another important aspect of pepper is that it helps in the metabolism of cells helping in production of energy in a balanced rate. Non-vegetarian dishes, especially chicken varieties, would seem vain without the presence of pepper powder sprinkled over them.


Cardamom has similar properties to ginger but has a different use. It is mainly used as a seasoning ingredient and cardamom tea is also famous. It helps in relieving the effects of hypertension, flu, depression, indigestion, etc. A very minute quantity i.e. one to two capsules or one teaspoon of powder is used while seasoning.

Saffron, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, etc. are also used in an Indian restaurant in Brampton to prepare a variety of dishes. All of them are very healthy to eat and help in prevention of various diseases. In addition, they taste so wonderfully well that one cannot stop resisting themselves from completing a dish made with these spices.